For centuries people have been using gemstones, crystals and minerals for their healing properties.   All living things are made up of energy. Just as the earth is grounding, the naturally occurring gemstones, crystals and minerals can help us in balancing, relieving and grounding our energy as well as absorbing other energetic forces. Living in a world filled with energetic pollution, Lucy and Penny Zen products are specially designed to aid us in our energetic clarity and health.


Our Story

I have always had a fascination of all things natural.  From simple stones in the forest to collecting sea glass on a beach.  I have spent many years learning about and using stones and crystals in my life.  I am truly fascinated with how beautiful they are and how amazing their holistic properties can be.  A few years ago during my first trip to New York City, I was looking at the various stones and crystals on display at FAO Swartz.  Another woman that was also browsing started asking me what I thought about the various stones.  She then revealed her reason for looking as her mother was having some health issues.  I helped her pick a few different  Stones and explained to her the properties I had been taught that are available in each stone.  I realized then, that this healing art should be available to everyone.   I often wonder about her mother and how blessed she was to have a daughter that could introduce the health and healing that stones can bring.

Lucy and Penny was founded on the belief that crystal therapy should be available to all pets and people.   The healing properties that natural gemstones and crystals have to offer are absolutely amazing.  Children and pets are so receptive to the healing properties they offer.

I began by making jewelry for pets, but due to demand I am  now designing high quality gemstone jewelry for people as well.  Our clients have been so impressed by the changes they saw in their animals, that they wanted to take advantage of the health and healing for themselves.


Lucy and Penny "Family Forever" Zen Bangle


Lucy and Penny strives to bring you health and healing into your everyday life, in a very simple and beautiful way.  With our various designs, we are confident that you will find a wide variety of high quality gemstone products to help you and your loved ones.  All of our Zen Products are made by hand in Los Angeles.  We truly want to heal the being at a time.