Kimberly Rowe, Owner of Lucy + Penny

Kimberly Rowe, Owner of Lucy + Penny


As a young girl some of my fondest memories are hiking among amazing stone structures, along the rolling California hills and the never-ending shoreline of the Pacific Coast.  I still love to hike though the California hills and look for strange stones and crystals. I was always so excited to be able to comb the local beaches for shells, sea glass and whatever random stone the sea might wash ashore. I still remember the thrill of finding my first piece of natural Jade up on the shore in Northern California. Because of this fascination in finding fabulous gems in nature, I taught myself to become a Naturopath & Geologist of sorts.  I would research the stones and learn what I could, whenever I could.  I quickly learned that each Stone and Crystal was not only beautiful but also had specific homeopathic healing qualities. This to me was almost as intriguing as the actual hunt for natural treasures.  

Several years ago while on a trip to Manhattan with my son Kai, I had an experience that truly sent me on my path as a Stone and Crystal Healer.  While exploring FAO Schwartz Flagship store, my son and I discovered a small corner dedicated exclusively to stones and crystals.  Kai and I were so excited to see such a cool variety of stones and crystals mixed among all the various toys and games. We recognized that some of these stones are hard to find here on the West Coast and are readily available out here in an East Coast toy store! A woman on holiday from Poland was observing our excitement and was brave enough to ask me for help in selecting a few stones for herself and her Mother who was ill back in Europe. She spent time with me explaining what her Mother’s health issues were and also what she was dealing with while taking care of her ill Mother. I was so honored to have a complete stranger not only tell me her personal struggle at the time, but also to put such faith in my knowledge of stone and crystal healing. I spent some time helping her select stones and crystals and made sure to write out the holistic properties of each. I really realized at this time, that there is a great demand to give people tools, which are not readily available, to assist in times of duress or sickness.

This experience really had me thinking.  How in this fast paced world, where we can “Google, Bing, MSN” anything out there, that it does not occur to us that the answers are here in nature.  The tools that we need for Health and Healing have always been available to us.

A few months later, my mother brought home an adopted dog.  Poor Jake, he was so skittish and had such a hard time interacting with anyone or anything.  He obviously had trauma issues and really was a sweet dog that had a hard time figuring out what his lot in life was. I really wanted to try to help this poor guy adjust and made him a Lucy+Penny Zen Charm to hang from his collar.  My mother the skeptic was reluctant to even try this new “experiment” per say, but obliged being that poor Jake was so miserable in his own “coat”.  The first piece I made for him was made up to help keep him calm while giving him self-esteem.  It truly was a miraculous product for him.  He was a changed being from the second he had his charm placed on his collar. In fact, the moment I clipped his Lucy+Penny charm on his collar, he immediately yawned as if to say he was now calm. To this day, if Jake loses his collar or does not have his charms on, we all can tell.  He is a different dog now and I know, not only is he more enjoyable to be around, but he enjoys us all more as well.

Once I realized the need for this product, I immediately went to work.  I have made an entire collection of pieces that are not only beautiful, but have amazing healing properties. The clients that I have always come back and ask for additional pieces as once they feel and experience the healing properties of my Lucy+Penny Zen pieces, they want to incorporate them into their daily lives.

I hope you are able to select a few pieces from my collection that will not only bring you health and healing, but will also look absolutely fabulous in the process.  If you do not see a piece that works for what issues you may be experiencing, please visit my Custom Page and I will specifically design a piece for you and your healing needs.

Made with Love,

Kimberly S. Rowe