Cleansing your stones

Crystals generally pick up energies from either the environment they are in or the person that may carry them.  Your pieces need to be cleansed after they have participated in either good or bad energy absorption.  The stones need cleansing just to allow it to be "clear" and continue to help you on a daily basis.  You will notice that your stones will change color as you wear them and again after you cleanse them.

Each Lucy and Penny Zen Products Piece come packaged in a sheer white organza bag.  This packaging is not only designed for initial delivery of the product to you but gives you the items needed to maintain and purify the pieces you now own.

Each piece is made with love and is  HomeStrung in the USA  and cleansed prior to being shipped to you. As  we use our crystal and gemstone pieces, they not only pull toxins out from us, but they can also enhance our positive energies as well. The more clear your stones are, the more receptive they are to being able to heal you.

You can cleanse your pieces in the sunlight or the moonlight for 30 minutes at a time. 

My favorite way to cleanse stones is to use the sunlight.  Place your stones or Lucy and Penny Zen piece inside the white bag and set in the sunlight for 30 minutes. There have been many hectic mornings when I have cleansed my stones on the dashboard in the sunlight on my way to work.

Maintaining your stones and crystals is an easy way to continue to clear the way for you to benefit from the many holistic properties they contain.