Lucy and Penny Zen Products is an amazing new line of adornments that use the holistic properties of natural gemstones.  Not only are our designs beautiful, they are made for your health.  The simple act of putting on a piece of Lucy and Penny Zen Products Jewelry, with the intention for healing, will help bring balance into your life.

Each Lucy and Penny Zen Product piece uses the natural qualities that the earth has to offer in the form of high quality gemstones to bring health and healing into your life.  Gemstones have a unique healing quality from the earth where they originate.  We help bring that natural healing quality into a simple form to incorporate into your life.  Once you begin wearing our gemstone jewelry, you immediately begin to benefit  from the healing qualities they offer.

We have a complete line of Zen Products for you, your pet and your home.


We truly want to heal the world, one pet, one home, one being at a time.